About Motive Content Ltd

Motive Content is all about outcomes.

That is, advancing your strategic goals by reducing the gap between what you know about your products and services, and what your customers need to know to benefit from them.

Your customers are your top priority; and they demand a smooth ‘customer journey’, with consistent information oriented to their goals.

So your technical content must be easy for your customers to find, understand and use. Motive Content can help you make sure it is.

About me

Eric Weston

Director & Principal Technical Writer

I founded Motive Content Ltd as a solo operation, through which I offer my independent technical communication skills and services.

Unlike many other consultancies I offer a personal touch and close attention to your needs. I strive to understand your business and target the areas where you’ll gain the most from my expertise.

If your business doesn’t provide the right technical information in the right way then it suffers avoidable costs and missed opportunities. Turning your technical information into the business asset it should be is at the heart of what I do.

I go the extra mile to help you deliver your information products with less risk, less overhead, and more confidence.

  • Experienced

    Over ten years crafting technical documents and managing documentation projects.

  • Tech-literate

    I gained a 2:1 BSc degree in a highly technical subject from the University of Bristol, I’ve worked in a range of engineering roles, and I dabble in tech for fun. I’m good with technology and technical concepts.

  • Business-literate

    I am familiar with a wide range of business processes, systems, tools and goals.

More than 'just a writer'

I’m genuinely interested in your challenges and committed to delivering real business value.

Easy to work with

I listen, learn, and adapt to your needs whilst offering positive and constructive feedback. You can expect regular, transparent and relevant communication.

Reliable and professional

I work hard to agree and meet sensible targets. You’ll find that I’m very organised and rigorous yet reasonable in my approach to quality.

Coherent vision, clear costs

I break things down into digestible steps. I explain services and charges clearly, in advance, so you know exactly what to expect.

How we’ll work together

1 You get in touch. If appropriate, I’ll send a few questions for you to answer in your own time, about your business and your goals.

We have a short initial chat about what’s on your mind.

2I outline and quote for a bespoke roadmapping session.
This is a low-cost way for us to get your requirements clear and map out a usable plan in a way you can use to prove your business case.

3You engage me to deliver your documentation project with you, guided by the roadmap.
Or, if you prefer, you can use the roadmap internally or approach another vendor now that you can show them what you need.