Done most of the work, but need a professional to check over your content before you publish it?

Sometimes it can seem petty, but spelling, grammar and phrasing mistakes can be very costly. Spell-checking software barely scratches the surface — professional attention is needed. So, I offer production copy-editing to catch and correct these errors and improve your late-stage quality control.

I'll quote you a fixed fee for the document(s) you'd like me to edit.

Production copy-editing is an under-rated but important quality control stage which helps to reduce risks and costs. It should happen shortly before final layout and publishing, but all too often it is rushed or skipped altogether.

Production copy-editing helps to reduce your risks and costs

Ambiguous or unclear phrasing can lead to loss of face, lack of trust or even material harm in some cases - and you may be liable. Even poor spelling costs as it casts a negative professional image, reminding people of phishing and spamming attempts. Many readers will be turned off and go elsewhere.

... a single spelling mistake can cut online sales in halfBBC News

It is much cheaper and easier to control content quality before publishing than it is to fix it after.

  • significant loss may occur from the above risks before you can fix the cause
  • it actually takes more time, effort, frustration and inconvenience to rework and redistribute content later
  • your people and processes tend to move on to other things — it may rapidly become too impractical to fix the problem in a meaningful way

In other words, quality must be built into your documentation process — and production copy-editing has an important part to play.

Don't leave all your content quality control to the last minute. Production copy-editing is important but happens too late to fix deep structural problems. Good planning, design and developmental editing are required to ensure good information structure, pacing, voice, imagery and format.

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