Need to plan, design, develop and deliver great documentation, on time? Whether you are starting afresh or have content already, I can help. My methodical yet flexible approach ensures reliable delivery and reduced stress.

Clear proposals and bespoke plans that target the results you want. Priced by project.

Methodology — taking the guesswork out of documentation

I follow proven methodologies for delivering great documentation, particularly the Information Development Life Cycle (IDLC) as described by Dr. JoAnn Hackos. In summary, a full cycle looks something like this:

PhaseProportion of effortKey deliverables
IDLC1: Planning~10%Project Plan; Project Management Folder
IDLC2: Design~20%Design Plan; Revised Project Plan
IDLC3: Development~50%Drafted and edited content; revised Project and Design plans
IDLC4: Production~19%Production Plan; Approved final outputs
IDLC5: Evaluation (optional, per context)~1%Final Project Report; Customer Satisfaction Survey

I can work with you in any or all of these phases, according to how much help you need.

Scope and charges — clear and fair

I understand that you need to maintain control of your costs and objectives, so I offer approaches to suit the scale and circumstances of the work.

Many projects (or stages of projects) can be agreed on a fixed-price and fixed-scope basis. Or, we can discuss other approaches.

Make things happen

Take the first step to make things happen — let's talk!